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Ok i think i worked out my own answer to my quesiton about love. It was while i was talking to one of my friends who, recently, ironically, asked me the very same question. As i was speaking to her i realized that in the end love is really more like an understanding. "Love" in itself is just a word to define something. If two people define love the same way and fulfill this definition for each other then they are in love with each other. It doesn't matter if this love is not capital L Love it just has to be the same for both of them.
You can define love yourself. Why not, its just a word. I've asked people before about love and some have given me very specific definitions that i don't agree with at all. But if i were ever to date one of them and they told me they loved me and I knew their definition and felt the same way why not say it back. Whatever they're feeling is what they consider love. I can consider that love too. After all, who are we to decide they're wrong?
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