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Question of the day... what is love? A completely cliche and overused question. But honestly, have any of you actually ever gotten an answer for it?
What's the difference between love and lust? Or love and that nice feeling of like you have for your friends? Is love just a combination of the friendly feeling and lust? If so, wouldn't we technically "love" every hot friend we come across? And if love just comes that easily someone has to tell me now cuz I've been waiting for something pretty amazing and I don't feel like being overly disappointed.
Really I'm not pessimistic. I believe in love completely. I just can't figure out how it works. If you tell someone "I love you" how do you know they are thinking about love the same way you are? And if they say "I love you too" how do you know what their concept of love is? Are we suppose to have some magical revelation? Just know? Is this some secret level of understanding I have yet to experience?
I feel like I'm at church again. Waiting for that special "I am saved" feeling to come. Never quite sure if this was it. If it's just what it is right now. Nothing special. No change of heart. No bright lights and angel voices. Just this. Is that what love is? Just this?

("this" is of course figurative)
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