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To answer Candy's question. Love, to me, is a brief moment of time in which we lose our minds in a state of delirious happiness and manage to convince ourselves, and believe, that everything is and will be okay. Lust, on the other hand, is the want to sex someone up very very badly. I'm being extreme here, i know. Both are hassles. At least the second one is explanable by human nature, Mr.Freud and whatnot, the former, though, is probably a form of severe idiocy that we would beat ourselves up over should we realize the craziness of it all. One can induce the other, one can be mistaken as the other. Other than that, i don't know what else to say. XD

3 more days! Hallelujah!

Math final was pretty okay. I think. At least I hope I am correct in thinking it was okay. Or else, you know.... ehehehe. -.-

Waffle party at Hinman's on Thursday, remind me to bring a gallon of orange juice. Marathon run for Pomp and Circumstance tomorrow. Oh boy.

Either I'm extremely tired of this situation, or I'm getting close to the more emotional cycle. Suddenly I just let everything go and am okay with everything in the sense of saying: Life, take your best shot, I don't care anymore because I'm goddamn tired. I just want things to be okay again. I'm not much for conflict or even displeasure. I just miss how it used to be when things weren't messy.

I'm just going to pick a stuffed animal and curl up into fetal position for a while. Maybe knock myself out while I'm at it. So that maybe when I wake up again, something will be okay.

Right. I'll just go and do just that.

Peace, y'a;;. =D
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