Jazzy (siyui) wrote in cheatador,


I told everything.
Now i feel horrible.

My turtle has beautiful eyes. It's so black. It's the blackest black i've ever seen, and there's that beautiful tiny glint of light that's usually there. I love my turtle. It's wonderful. =D

Internship is awesome. Dinoquest is the epitome of awesomeness. You guys should all go. I'd sell my soul for another week as counselor there. They let me keep shark safari also. Hurrah! I'm sick of playing telemarketor, but other than that, it's been pretty cool. Especially working with the people I do, Bryant(frenchie), Sheila, Steph, and Jeff, every day is awesome and hilarious and fun. They rock so much. =) So huttah to internship. Huttah to liquid nitrogen ice cream, huttah to making pizza and playing with little kids and hanging out with cool people.

Is it horrible to fall in love?
How do you know if you should pull yourself out?

We're all idiots.
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